Lady dating colleague packs out of his house because he hurt her during end of year football match

A lady has reportedly made the decision to end her relationship with her boyfriend who works in the same company, following the way he humiliated her during an internal football match.

They played on opposing sides and she was the goal keeper while he was a player for his team during the company’s end of year game.

However, during the play, he fired an intense shot at her which hit her face and she was furious about the fact that it came from her man.

The lady had earlier visited to spend the weekend with him, but after the game she told him that she was no longer interested in the relationship and stormed his house to pack her belongings.

The man’s friend known as @MrMekzy_ shared the story online as he noted that the boyfriend expressed shock because he took a light shot being that it was his babe in the goal post.

The tweet reads; ”My guy & his girl had an end of the year football match in their company and they played as opponents. She was the goalkeeper in her team & he played a shot with so much power that hit her on her face. Oga has been begging since on Saturday cos she said she’s not doing again.

She said he played it with so much power cos of the pain she felt and he is saying that he didn’t even hit the ball well cos he knew that she was the person in goal.

After the match the babe went to his house and started packing her things to go back to her house. This is someone that came to his house to spend the weekend. Women are dramatic fr fr!”

In reaction, @nuela_merit; Imagine what his life would be like by now if the ball hit her face and he still scored. The people that fixed the match, him and all his friends, relative and ancestors will be holding a meeting to appease by now. This one is small case. E could be worse.

@harkoreydey; Normal normal, if my babe be goal keeper for team wey we dey play against, na defence i go play, and i no go attack all thru that match and if we score, i no go celebrate.. As i dey like dis, na peace i like..

@dee_browniee; Kudos to her because, Ball that I’ll allow to enter net 😂😂 please I can’t shout o, very avoidable problem. Infact I and my man will have an agreement, I’ll let you score and I’ll list all the goodies I want including heavy cuddles and forehead kisses 🥰😄. Case closed.