Lady cuts boyfriend’s hair while asleep because another woman complimented him

A young African American man has revealed how his jealous girlfriend deprived him of his naturally curly and attractive hair.

The guy said she decided to cut his hair off because another woman complimented its beauty in her presence and she did not like it.

Man girlfriend cut hair

Using a photo-story to narrate what transpired, he explained how a woman rubbed his head and told him he had good hair. Apparently his babe witnessed the interaction and it made her jealous to the extent that she plotted something sinister.

He revealed that he went to sleep that night not thinking anything was wrong only for him to wake up to discover that his girlfriend cut his long hair short.

Lady cuts boyfriend's hair while asleep

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CorrectNG recalls that a 28-year-old man said he broke up with his 25-year-old fiancée and called off their wedding because of what his sister-in-law did to him.

According to him, they had been together for six years and engaged for one year and were set to walk down the aisle, until the day his fiancée’s elder sister shaved his beard.

In his words; Myself (28m) fiancé (25f) who we’ll call Lexi are a happy couple of 6 years and engaged for 1 or so I thought. For context my fiancé’s sister (32f) we’ll call her Sally, has always been hostile towards me and would rarely speak to me and when she did it would be because her parents were around.

Sally is Lexi’s rock because she got her through a tough time during college and since then Lexi has told sally everything about everything. we’ve had problems with this in the past due to her telling Sally personal things about my childhood I’d only told a few people. wich led to us not speaking for 3 months during covid when she’d only leave our room for food and to go to the toilet, and recently we hadn’t had an argument in a year plus until 3 nights ago she mentioned that she’d like me to shave my beard. for context I have a very thick beard that I’ve been growing for 8 years and am very proud of so ofcourse I told Lexi I wouldn’t be shaving my beard to which she stormed off to the kitchen and slammed her wine glass into the sink smashing it and a plate in the process.

I immediately stood up and asked wtf she was doing, she then spun around and screamed that I’m a selfish a-hole because I won’t shave my beard and ran to our bedroom and slammed the door. I ended up sleeping on the couch and woke up at around 4am to sally with a razor trying to shave my beard so I pushed her off me. Lexi then ran to check on Sally whilst I was looking at the big patch Sally had taken out of my beard, then I went upstairs and packed a bag whilst Lexi shouted at me for hurting sally.

I told her to f-off and that the wedding was off and walked out the house and drove an hour to my parents house where I’ve been staying since the incident. earlier today I got a text from Sally saying I was selfish for not shaving my beard because when I go down on Lexi it feels weird I haven’t replied to her. my family think I should break off the relationship but her family said I should just shave it all and move on. So what should I do and am I wrong?