Lady cries out after discovering that her boyfriend is married with 3 kids

A woman has been left totally heartbroken after discovering that her boyfriend of two years is a married man with children.

In a message on social media, she disclosed that he has three kids and is expecting another one with his wife, so when she confronted him about his marriage, he cried and begged her for forgiveness.

The lady said he informed her that he was in court trying to get a divorce. According to her, during their two years of dating, she never for once suspected that he had a wife and kids.

What made her more confused is that her boyfriend had decided to take their relationship to the next level by coming for introductions at her family house.

However, she later found out that his wife was expecting another baby in addition to the three girls he already has.

She wrote: “I’m dating a guy, infact we have been together for the 2 years. Down the line I found out he was married.. he cried and apologize and we moved on. He told me he was in court with his wife already and I am his happy place.

Hmmm he went to saw my people in December to show he is serious. So because he hasn’t finished the divorce. He now asked his friends to sit in for him as family and we not did Bride price. He always go to see his kids but doesn’t sleep over.

Last week he was busy and was running helter-skelter. Note we don’t live together cos he got an apartment for me. I got to hear that his wife gave birth to a boy after 3 girls. does it mean he was cheating on me? I’m trying to on calculate”.