Lady confesses about accidentally killing her dad because of her boyfriend

A Nigerian lady has shared a disturbing confession about how she unintentionally caused her father’s death five years ago.

She went online to share her story anonymously as she narrated the criminal act which she committed in 2017.

The lady said that on the fateful day she intended to go and spend the night with her boyfriend but she knew her father would not approve.

She gave him sleeping pills at night just to make him sleep until she returns the next day. Sadly when she went back home in the morning, she found her father’s lifeless body because she had given him overdose.

The lady said she regrets her action and would never forgive herself because she did not mean to cause her father’s death.

She said; “I regret giving my dad sleeping pills In 2017 just to see a guy I was so in love with. Returned the next day to see my dad laying lifeless. It’s a secret I’ll take to my grave and I’ll never forgive myself for it I never meant to kill him. I didn’t mean give him an overdose”

In other news, a lady known as Princess Acho has recounted on Twitter how she exposed a friend who was cheating on her boyfriend.

She shared her story in reaction to a Twitter user, Mekzy, who said it is not right for someone tel their partner a secret that was relayed to them in confidence.

The young woman with username @lady_poseidon_ said her friend wanted to make her a subject of gossip by calling her and putting it on speaker.

Princess said the lady wanted her boyfriend to listen to their conversation while the two women were talking on the phone.

According to her, in order to take hold of the situation knowing fully well that the phone was on speaker at the other end, she decided to ask the caller about her side boyfriend.

She immediately hung up when Princess mentioned the man she was cheating on her boyfriend with.

@MrMekzy_ wrote; Telling your partner a secret or something someone told you in confidence is a very weird and bottom barrel behavior.

Then, Princess tweeted; ”Someone did this to me one time and when she called me( I knew I was on speaker), I asked her about the dude she was cheating on her boo with and she hung up!!! That was the end of the rubbish friendship. Let them discuss her unfaithfulness since they run outta things to discuss.”

Another tweep @Eion7 asked; Why on earth would she call and put you on speaker?

@lady_poseidon said; So that her boo can get my Gist fresh out the oven.