Lady ‘collapses’ after iPhone X she bought at GSM market ‘turned to soap’ (Video)

A young lady has gone haywire at a popular mobile phone market, Circle, in Ghana, where she went to buy a new iPhone X.

It was gathered that she paid Ghs 1,000 (N129,000) and was happy with her device, only for her to open it at home and become a nicely packaged soap.

She went back to the market to return the phone but on reaching there she realised that the person she bought the iPhone X from was not a known dealer, so he was nowhere to be found.

A video which is making the rounds online shows when she collapsed to the floor and started shedding tears after realising that she was scammed and there is no way of getting the real phone or her money back.

Some traders and bystanders at Circle helped the lady off the ground and comforted her as she continued to weep.

Watch the video:

Reacting, @RegardlessYrn; we always advise then to buy from our shop but they think they are wiser than we i won’t at circle she bypassed my shop i saw her

@BongoIdeas; If you wanna purchase anything at Circle, enter a shop at the Mall, check the item, take a receipt upon payment. Circle is a hub for great goods; only the naive peeps are duped!

@iseldomkpebu; Herr this thing happened to me in 2020… i nearly collapsed too. Moral lesson: if u like falling for cheap things, it can end ur life..

@DCRENCE1; Lmao this same thing happened to me in 2014, same circle!! I was so fucking embarrassed when I got home and saw a china phone. The annoying part was I was running Ike I stole the phone. To the point that I started hiding inside the bus that was taking me home.