Lady calls out her parents, siblings for not celebrating her becoming first graduate in the family

A young African American lady has gone on social media to express displeasure at her family for not celebrating her achievement.

She revealed that she recently became the first graduate in her family but nobody acknowledged her efforts or cared enough to be aware that she bagged a degree.

According to the woman known as Nauticakjm, she is a first generation college graduate, which is a big deal.

Despite the fact her family did not appreciate or celebrate the accomplishment, she emitted positive vibes and expressed determination to break more generational curses.

Taking to her Twitter account, Nautica wrote; ”Not a single soul in my family knew, cared or acknowledged that I graduated.. i’m a first gen college graduate”

A tweep @Miel_Rama said; Girl my family did not celebrate my graduation or gave me gifts smh and I’m a first gen as well

@nauticakjm responded; it’s a hard pill to swallow but regardless, we got this! chin up, we got more generational curses to break. 💜

Another user @Iontcby commented; I learned that when school was never important to them they don’t realize it’s a huge accomplishment. Congratulations though girly 🥳🤍 I hope u get everything you want outta that degree!!

In response, @nauticakjm said; really needed to hear this, a perspective I hadn’t really considered. thank you, I really appreciate it 💜🥺

@VickieRemoe; Sending my Congratulations all the way from Sierra Leone, West Africa! You did that! And the beauty of an education is NO ONE can take it away from you!