Lady calls out her boyfriend for not dropping money after spending the weekend at her place

A Ghanaian lady has expressed disappointment in her boyfriend for failing to support her financially after paying a visit to her place.

She narrated how he came to spend the weekend and she played a good host by using her money to buy foodstuff and cooked something for him to eat.

Sharing her story in an online forum, she said that she spent all the money on her to buy drinks and the exact items needed to prepare the meal her man requested specifically.

However, she was not happy that he did not give her money to go and buy the foodstuff neither did he reimburse her.

Also, when it was time for her boyfriend to go back home, she accompanied him and paid their transport fare to the bus park where he bought his tickets, entered the bus and waved her goodbye.

She said she just stood there confused, speechless and what shocked her the most was that when he reached his place he called her to say he arrived safely.

The lady said her friend adviced her to leave him because his actions show he cannot be a supportive partner.

She narrated; “So my guy came visiting during the weekends and this what happened . One thing about me is that I don’t always cook when I’m alone I just grab some beta malt and biscuits then I’m okay for the day which I know it isn’t good but I’ve been used to it. But my bf came visiting that was Friday night.

The following day which was Saturday I had to go to the market buy food stuffs and come cook for him all these I didn’t take a penny from him to go to the market with I used my own money bought drinks in fact all that he wanted to eat I do so with my money and when he’s not full he’ll be like he’s craving for this and that I wasn’t having much on me the money I had on me wanted to manage it till my salary drop but because of him I spent all remaining 20gh thinking oh maybe when he’s leaving he’ll at least tip me so I never thought twice when doing all these.

So this morning he was actually leaving my place because he had some work to do later in the day at the office. This guy never drop 10gh on the bed for me to even hold body for the week. I also didn’t ask him to give me money. I took the 20gh left on me and we both took taxi to the station where he’ll pick cape coast car thinking maybe he might tip me there rather I paid the taxi driver and stood there for him to go buy the ticket when he was done he waved at me and entered the bus.

Now balance left is 5gh from the 20gh even tho I’m sad but the thing all dey funny me. I called my best friend and narrated everything to her and she thinks I should just forget about him because he can’t be a supportive partner. He got home and texted me he’s home now and thanking me for hosting him. I’ve visited him twice at his end and still nothing yet I don’t complain but this is a no no for me lol.”