Lady begging for my rich friend’s contact – Nedu Wazobia reveals

On Air Personality, Nedu Wazobia has revealed that a lady reached out to him to ask for his rich friend’s contact after he shared the story of how the man gave a female celebrity N3 million.

The comedian said that after the video of him sharing the gist he once walked in on his friend with two female celebs went viral, a lady started pleading for the rich man’s contact.

Nedu disclosed this in an interview with The Punch and shared the message he received from the lady who said she needed money for school fees.

He said; “After the release of the podcast where I talked about one of my friends who gave a lady N3m before even sleeping with her, another lady sent me a message on social media, saying that she had school challenges. She asked me to introduce her to that same man, so she could also collect money from him.”

The lady’s message read in part; “After seeing the video, I decided to reach out to you, (to know) if you could link me up with your rich friend, so I could get enough money for my tuition fees.”

CorrectNG reported earlier that the radio presenter gave some more clarity to the story he shared about catching two celebrities in a hotel room.

Nedu narrated what happened during an episode of his joint podcast, Frankly Speaking while interviewing Nollywood actor, Kunle Remi.

He said: “I have walked in once on some of your influencers/celebrities two of them having a three$ome with somebody I know.

“Yes I said it. I have walked in on two of your favorite influencers/celebrities in Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja. They saw me and they expect me to respect them and I respect them enough not to mention their names”.

However, he received some backlash as a result of the revelation as people thought he barged into the room uninvited.

The OAP decided to make some clarification during an Instagram live session where he explained that he did not open the door and catch them in the act as people believed.

Nedu said his friend who is an Abuja big boy gave one of the ladies $15,000 after getting her into his bed.

He explained that he would not disclose their identities because the ladies respect him enough to keep their secret.