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Lady apologizes after lying that a married man raped her



A South African lady, Lebo has confessed and apologized for falsely accusing a man of raping her, because she was dumped.

According to Lebo, she lied against the man who is famous on Twitter and accused him of rape due to the anger of getting dumped and cheated on.

Taking to her Twitter account, @SlayLebo, she openly apologized to the man who is married, and revealed that the law suit she filed over the alleged rape case had been withdrawn.

In her words;

“I need to make a confession. I once lied that someone very famous here in Twitter raped me. It’s still haunting me even today

“I am only speaking about it now but managed to withdraw the case even before it went to court. I have apologized to him, his family and friends.

“They understood that I was acting out of anger and stress of being dumbed and cheated. It still does not justify my actions hence I apologized and still feel its gonna haunt me for a long time

“I’m sorry once again @MrHandsome_ZA

I fully understand it was really unfair and unreasonable for me to do such. All your comments condemning me are justified.”

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