Ladies shouldn’t settle for man earning N800k salary – BBNaija’s Rachel

Big Brother Naija 2022 ex-housemate, Rachel Edwards has advised ladies against dating a man who earns N800,000 or less monthly.

The actress and reality TV star, particularly mentioned Lagos state, noting that such a salary isn’t sufficient to cater for a woman.

Rachel BBNaija

Rachel shared this on her Twitter page while emphasising that N800,000 monthly income can’t afford more than a wig.

She wrote, “As a lady, you can’t settle for a man with N800,000 as salary in Lagos. One wig and your man’s salary is finished baby girl.

“It’s sad that most people aren’t bold enough to accept the reality of things in this country. Ordinary $500 is what’s making this man shed tears? What do I expect from a man whose source of livelihood is TikTok gifts, looking for any opportunity to jump in front of a ringlight.”

Reacting, @OmotayoOfLagas said; Out of every productive thing you can think of its wig that comes to your brain, no investment plan or idea on how the N800,000 can multiply in few month, just wigs, vibes and insha Allah, later you will come and be foaming in the mouth that men are not taking you serious.

@DianaBest; Let be sincere, N800,000 salary is too small now. Ahbi am I the one over reacting to it? What will N800,000 do for you in this economy? That money is too small.

@LonelyAfrica; Want those luxe wigs and more? Get a job. It’s better to invest in sth meaningful instead of stockpiling wigs. Build empires with your partners, not just hair collections. After all, the best accessory is financial savvy paired with mutual support.

In another news…

Nigerian relationship adviser, Joro Olumofin has called on men to place their girlfriends on monthly allowance if they’ve been dating for six months to a year.

He said a woman is entitled to receiving between N350k to N500k from her man every month so that she can take care of herself.

The self-styled love doctor gave the relationship update for 2023 in a video which surfaced on social media. Joro explained that a woman needs the N500,000 for her hair, data, upkeep among others personal needs.

He said that it is only an unserious man who won’t do such for his babe who is beautiful and hardworking, adding that if he fails to do that she will find another guy who will give her these things, making it to be a loss for the boyfriend.

He stressed that a serious minded man who has been dating for six months and above should pay attention to what he said, because giving the lady allowance every month simply means he is investing in her.

Joro said the boyfriend needs to realised that she is the future and if the he ends up getting married to his girlfriend, he will never regret it.