Korra only needed $5k, she deceived people to raise $55k for her – Ex-husband, Justin Dean

American doctor, Justin Dean, has accused his ex-wife, Korra Obidi, of scamming people into raising funds for her to settle legal fees.

The father-of-two said Korra would only need 5000 dollars for the court case and not $55,000 which she received through GoFundMe within the week.

CorrectNG reported days ago that Korra appealed to Nigerians to assist her with funds so she can sort the legal fee for her parenting battle with her ex-husband, Justin Dean.

Korra only needed $5k, she deceived people to raise $55k for her - Ex-husband, Justin Dean

She revealed that Dean, the father of her two children submitted a court order for their kids not to be posted on social media for content.

The celebrity dancer then reached out to her fans who donated a whopping sum of $55,000 through the GoFundMe. But her former partner insisted that Korra scammed her followers of their hard earned money.

He said the fact that she bought two houses and two cars within the last two years is proof that she can afford the legal representation but still chose to defraud people.

The doctor further buttressed his claims by sharing a voice recording of the dancer’s sister where she was heard saying Korra had the money but needed a different one from her fans to fight against Justin.

Justin said; “She made a GoFundMe which has raised 55,000 dollars so far and claiming that she is unable to afford proper legal representation to reclaim her rights. She’s getting on the internet asking people for money, claiming that she cannot afford it, and then went to Hawaii after collecting that money.

“She can actually afford lawyers, and it does not cost 55,000 dollars, it would be a single hearing which will probably cost 5000 dollars, so she is banking $50,000 which is actually a felony, a crime.”

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