Korra Obidi begs Nigerians for donations as ex-husband drags her to court over their kids (Video)

Nigerian vixen, singer and dancer, Korra Obidi has appealed to her compatriots to assist her with funds so she can sort the legal fee for her parenting battle with her ex-husband, Justin Dean.

She revealed that Dean, the father of her two children submitted a court order for their kids not to be posted on social media for content.

It may be recalled that the American doctor had taken to social media to complain about the way she posts their kids online, and noted that he wants it to stop as he doesn’t consider that good for them.

Korra Obidi begs Nigerians for donations as ex-husband drags her to court over their kids

Speaking after receiving the court summons, Korra Obidi took explained that doing contents about motherhood and her experiences as a mother is what her contents revolve around.

The Instagram influencer further noted in a video making the rounds online that for the aforementioned reasons, she cannot afford her children being banned from social media.

The celebrity twerk queen as she is fondly called, appealed for financial assistance from the public, asking that they donate to her GoFundMe account so that she can afford to pay for a good lawyer.

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chisugar; Getat, this girl de vex me just do ur tin, move privately and get a job biko nonsense 😂😂😂😂

obaksolo; Can’t your life move on without Dancing Naked and Showing the Innocent Child? Madam pls live your life the Social Media don’t care we are just here for your Gist to Laugh and move on to the next person.

amakanwa63; Korra I like you but is it your children that is doing the dancing for you?

amakanwa63; You bought a house and a Gwagon so is it money for lawyer you can’t afford?

ilov.etits67; Aunty rest.. the rest the emotional blackmail is getting too much..shuuuu …. it’s very risky to be exposing minors on the internet that’s why their father doesn’t want them on it .. respect his choice too

just_morolake; They are his kids just as they are yours. He has the right to do whatever he chooses when it comes to the imagery of his kids

hadizabubakar_; If he doesn’t want his kids on social media, that’s fine.. keep doing your thing without involving the kids.. it’s for their own good until they come of age… this matter no hard na…