Kizz Daniel accused of abusing wife after flaunting her on social media

Ace musician, Kizz Daniel is at the centre of domestic violence allegations involving his wife, whom he welcomed three children.

Controversial blogger Gistlover claims the popular singer maltreats his wife, MJ, but the public is not aware of his aggressive behaviour.

This is coming few weeks after Kizz Daniel finally showed off the mother of his kids on social media in a video of them dancing to one of his songs. Not long after the clip went viral, MJ bagged a huge endorsement deal with automobile firm, Innoson Motors.

But Gistlover in a recent expose, accused Kizz Daniel of assaulting his wife on many occasions owing to the revelation that he was originally not ready to be a parent.

The blogger reports that MJ is from a humble background and while embracing dance as a profession, she and Kizz Daniel had a one-night stand which resulted in pregnancy.

The post reads; “Once upon a time, there is a young naive girl who is a great dancer, she comes from a not so privileged family so she started using the dance as a means of survival for her, in one of her numerous jobs as a dancer she met a very popular musician, this musician is good at what he does, all his songs are perfect but na one thing spoil am, he has temperament issue that he can’t control, he saw this young naive girl and he wanted her for the night at all cost thinking she is one of those dancers who multitask (olosho and dancing) the young girl refused and this got the musician angry because according to him he gets all he wants, long story short their next meeting he sha made sure he had his way with her and that first night turned to pregnancy, the young dancer didn’t have a way of reaching oga musician as they were not dating, she tried all her possible best to reach him and after one month later she was able to reach him.

All hell was let loose when she finally reached out to him, he said he is a musician who is not ready to settle down now and he isn’t even dating the girl, say na just a night fling and she re surface with belle one month after, after plenty back and forth and intervention from the girls family, me musician said he will accept the baby not knowing they are three babies in there and that once she give birth he will collect her pikin and she no get anything to do with her again, months later after them do scam na him them see say Wahala don happen, lo and behold, na triplet Dey there, ha triplet keh, musician was thinking he will collect just one baby and probably hire a nanny to take care of the baby now wey pikin Don be 3,what next?

They came to an agreement that the girl will live with him but not as his wife but as the nanny to his kids and to be able to breastfeed them, na so the girl begin live with him ooo, he made life a living hell for her, when the girl gave birth, it was triplet but they lost one at birth, so they were left with twins, when they gave birth, a certain devil blogger names gistlover Carried the news but the musician debunked it.”

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