Kenyan woman shares priceless moment US singer, Brandy helped baby sit her child on a flight

A Kenyan woman identified as Gesare Chife has reminisced on her memorable encounter with American R&B singer, Brandy on a plane.

The mum, who is married to a Nigerian man, revealed that she was once traveling with her two toddlers and a baby when she met Brandy on a plane.

According Gesare, it was a long flight and given the challenge of handling the three kids, the ‘Right Here’ hitmaker helped her baby sit the last born.

Brandy baby sit Kenyan woman baby

She recalled the incident when someone asked netizens to share their favourite interaction with a celebrity.

The mother also shared a throwback photo of the adorable moment Brandy was cuddling her baby and noted that the singer was a sweet and kind person.

“Was on a long haul flight with two toddlers and a baby. Brandi was sitting close by and babysat my baby for quite a while. She was so sweet and kind,” Gesare wrote.

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Meanwhile in other news…

A Nigerian woman identified as Uchenna Idoko, has narrated how Peter Obi, the Labour Party presidential candidate intervened when she was about to miss her flight.

She said the plane was scheduled to take off in the morning and she was had been waiting til 6pm to board at the airport.

Uchenna, the Executive Director of Centre for Gender Economics in Africa, said Obi intervened when she nearly missed her flight due to unavailability of seats.

According to her, when she reached the aircraft door, the official turned her back saying that seats were filled, but just as she was reluctantly heading back to wait, they the air hostesses beckoned on her to come back.

Uchenna got to discover that Peter Obi who stood up and offered his seat to her so that she would make her journey. The woman said that she was raised to be non-religious and non-political, but Obi’s actions touched her humanity.

She wrote; “You didn’t see me, You don’t know me, You only heard me! #HumanityFirst. I have been trained in the third sector (Non – Governmental Organizations) to be non-religious and non-political, but you touched my humanity. Thank you for being so kind to me today, Sir.

“My flight time was changed twice today, and after finally boarding just at the aircraft door, I was informed that there was no more seat and that I will need to go back to the bus to be conveyed to the waiting area to keep waiting!

When their staff ordered me to hurry onto the bus, I shouted in a teary voice that I had been in the airport since 11 am and would not allow him to order me by almost 6 pm.

“Hopelessly I turned around and started walking down the stairs; just then, the air hostesses started calling me to come back on board, and alas, you heard my voice and stood up for me and told them to give me your seat. My tears came down my cheeks when I felt your genuine care for a stranger in distress.

“I prayed for you throughout the flight, just like you stood up and ensured I got a seat. God will stand up for you until you get your position back when they think you need to be back in the waiting room for the next flight. God will come through for you just like you did for me today! God bless you, Mr Peter Obi. Rule in Kindness, Sir! #peterobi23 #HumanityFirst.”