Kenyan authorities expose fake doctor who’s been practicing for 16 years without degree

A Kenyan “doctor” David Nyawade Onyango, has been deregistered by the medical council for allegedly practicing without a medical degree.

The man was recently busted by health authorities who stripped him of his practice license and issued a public notice regarding his status as a quack.

Fake Kenyan doctor

It was gathered that Onyango had been working as a doctor for 16 years and nobody suspected that he was not a qualified health professional.

In a warning notice published by the medical and dental council, it advised residents to desist from receiving treatment from the fake doctor.

The notice reads;

“This is to inform the general public that the above pictured person going by the name of ‘David Nyawade Onyango’ or ‘David Onyango Nyawade’ has been DEREGISTERED by the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Council and is hereby prohibited from practicing as a medical doctor in the Republic of Kenya.

Members of the public are advised against seeking medical treatment from David Nyawade Onyango. For further queries contact KMPDC on 0727666444.


Fake doctor 16 years kenya

This comes days after it was reported that one Brian Mwenda Njagi was apprehended in Kenya for parading himself as a lawyer.

He was said to have been practicing law without the necessary credentials and had won all 26 cases which he handled before Magistrate, High Court Judges, and Court of Appeal Judges .

Mwenda, who was recently exposed and apprehended has expressed his willingness to allow the courts to determine his fate, although he vowed to prove that he is innocent.

“I will like to convey my gratitude to the people who are supporting me and those that are praying for me. In the fullness of time, I will be able to clear this misunderstanding.

“I will also be able to prove my innocence and to provide the actual context to what is really happening. It should be inconceivable for anyone to think that I have all of these prowess to hack into portals,” he said.