Keep trekking under sun – Speed Darlington says after endowed lady refused to enter his car (Watch video)

Nigerian rapper, Speed Darlington spotted an attractive looking lady trekking in Lagos state and offered her a ride, but she turned him down.

The artiste shared a video which captured his encounter with the lady who ignored him after he stopped and tried to pick her up.

Speedy saw her from afar and was captivated by her derriere, so he drove towards where she was walking with a friend, however, as she saw him, the pace of her walk increased.

The internet sensation still made one more attempt to give her a ride but she adamantly refused to enter his car.

Angered by her refusal to accept a lift in his vehicle, the musician said; ”Continue dey waka under sun” and drove off.

Watch the video below:


In other news, a Nigerian lady, Abigail Chukwu, has recounted how she narrowly escaped death after turning down a bike rider.

She said the incident happened in 2021 at Ijegun junction, Lagos when she came down from his bike after reaching her destination.

According to her, the man made advances but she rejected him, so he pushed her into the road while cars were in motion.

Abigail explained that the only reason she is alive today is because the driver who was approaching as she touched the road, was fast enough to hit the brakes.

She wrote; “In 2021, I rejected a bike man at Ijegun junction. He came down from his bike which was parked, walked towards me and pushed me into the road, in front of an oncoming vehicle. I’m alive because shawty knew how to step on the damn brakes.”

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