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‘Keep your strong nose out my business’ – 50cent hits out at a Nigerian Instagram follower



Apparently, nobody told this Nigerian @brightimuze that 50cent is a troll on social media.

He commented on one of 50cent’s post asking why the rapper only shows off one son instead of both and he got an epic reply.

50cent shared his photo above with the caption,

‘This guy just asked why I? only show 1 son, because l only have a relation ship with 1, but why do he want to know? I? don’t give a fuck about them dirty ass kids on his page. Man keep ya strong ass nose out my business’.[AdSense-B]



Blue Ivy told mom, Beyonce, and dad, Jay Z, to stop clapping in a hilarious viral moment at Grammy Awards

Blue Ivy was captured motioning to her parents to calm down as they clapped enthusiastically, in a moment that instantly went viral…

Beyonce wore $6.8m of Lorraine Schwartz jewelry, but skipped the red carpet. Mother and daughter were at the Grammys to support Jay Z, who was nominated for eight awards.

The music icon did not win in any of his categories – missing out in the Best Rap Album category to Kendrick Lamar and Song Of The Year and Album Of The Year to Bruno Mars.[AdSense-B]


Jay Z and Beyonce might seem like the coolest parents around, but they still manage to embarrass Blue Ivy.

The precocious six-year-old took charge at the Grammys on Sunday night and ordered her famous mom and dad to chill out.

With a steely gaze, and a nonchalant ‘calm down’ hand gesture, she immediately brought them to heel as they clapped enthusiastically at her side.

A clip of the moment Blue silenced her parents during a speech about the Dreamers by Cuban-born singer Camila Cabello instantly went viral, with her attitude delighting fans on social media.

See the video below…

Blue and her mom were at the Madison Square Garden show in New York to cheer on Jay Z, who was nominated for eight awards for his album 4:44.

Having skipped the red carpet, music’s first family sat front row, with Blue sandwiched between her famous parents.

Wearing white – complete with mini heels – the kindergarten student’s outfit stood out against the black worn by both her parents.

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