Kcee asks fans to ‘pray’ for Harrysong following his claims of writing his hit songs

Top Nigerian singer, Kcee has finally responded to his former label mate, Harrison Okiri aka Harrysong, for claiming to have written his songs.

CorrectNG reports that Harrysong has consistently maintained that he is the songwriter who penned down most of Kcee’s chart-topping songs

He had also accused Kcee and his former boss, E-Money, the CEO of Five Star Music of withholding his royalties.

Kcee Harrysong

But in a recent interview on the Afrobeats podcast, the Limpopo crooner shut down Harry’s claims, saying none of it is true.

The Ojapiano hit maker said when he hit the limelight after winning the Star Quest talent show with his ex-partner, Presh, Harrysong was still in the village with his grandmother.

He said that Harry was nowhere near the music industry when KCPresh secured a deal with Kennis Music, where they released three albums.

Kcee further stated that it has been eight years since the disgruntled singer departed from Five Star Music, yet he continues to produce hit songs independently of the label.

Kcee expressed concern for Harrysong’s well-being and called for prayers, suggesting that he he may need spiritual guidance, especially considering his reported conflicts with his wife and former manager, Soso Soberekon.

He said; “When I won Star Quest, Harrysong was in the village with his grandmother. I did three albums with Kennis Music, did Harrysong write those? Harrysong has a problem, we need to pray for him. Jokes apart, we need to pray for him.”