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Kano governor orders filling stations to revert to old fuel pump price

Kano state governor, Abba Yusuf has directed petroleum marketers to revert to the old petrol pump price to lessen the hardship Kano residents are experiencing as a result of the removal of fuel subsidy.

His press secretary, Bature Dawakin-Tofa, in a statement on Thursday, said the governor insisted that the “unjustified fuel hike” must be stopped right away.

Yusuf ordered that all petrol stations be reopened the the fuel in stock should be sold at the former price to residents of the state.

The governor said Kano is the commercial hub for the country’s northern region and certain countries in West Africa, and its bustling populace continues to enjoy favourable business conditions.

He also urged Kano residents to comport themselves and uphold the law.

The statement read; “To reduce the needless hardship on the state’s citizens, the marketers should exercise some restraint and quickly reopen all filling stations with available products in stock to sell at the former price.

“As a concerned governor, I am disheartened to see our dear people of Kano suffering as a result of an unjustified fuel hike, and the situation must be stopped right away.”