Kanayo explains why he supports the idea of having multiple wives

Kanayo O. Kanayo, has opened up about his position on monogamous unions, noting that he is against the practice of marrying one wife.

The veteran actor said he does not believe in monogamy because it is an imported culture which is alien to the African way of life – which embraces polygamy.

Kanayo explains why he supports the idea of having multiple wives

Kanayo, who is married to one wife; Nneka Onyekwere, spoke when he appeared as a guest in a recent episode of The Honest Bunch podcast.

He said; “I don’t believe in one wife. It is not our culture. It is not our tradition. It is not who we are. These are imported things”.

The 62-year-old thespian also claimed he never knew about divorce until he left the outh East and moved to Lagos state. He emphasised that the Igbo man prefers to die in marriage than divorce.

“I never knew anything about divorce until we came to Lagos. The Igbo man prefers to die in the marriage than divorcing,” Kanayo said.

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CorrectNG recalls Nollywood actress, Grace-Charis Bassey formerly known as Belinda Effah, has said that she can never share her man with another woman.

The movie star revealed she is a product of a polygamous home and does not want to go through the experience of being a second or third wife.

She said she does not have any problem with people in polygamous relationships, however, it does not align with her personal beliefs and principles.

Bassey said; “My private life is not anybody’s business, but when it is time (for marriage), you will hear. I am a very private person, and I don’t put my life out there. People have been pressured into marriage, and they ended up regretting it; so I owe nobody any explanation regarding my life.

“I am from a polygamous home, and it is not something I want to relive. Based on my experience, it is not something I look forward to. I don’t want to share the attention of my man with any other woman. I don’t criticise people who are married to polygamists; it is just that we all have our beliefs.”