Kai Cenat set to construct school in Makoko, Lagos (Video)

American Twitch streamer, Kai Cenat has indicated the desire to build a school for the children in Makoko, following his recent visit to Lagos, Nigeria.

He made this known during a live stream in his studio apartment in the United States while explaining that the process for the construction of a good school has been ‘stamped’.

Kai Cenat school Makoko

Cenat went on to appeal to people with the right contacts of people who can construct the centre of learning and get the necessary equipment.

His desire to build a school in the rural settlement of Makoko generated mixed reactions as some opined that he was clout chasing, while other Nigerians encouraged him.

He said; “The process of me building this new school in Nigeria has officially been stamped today. This new school in Makoko in Nigeria, I’ve started working on the school.”

Watch video below:

@badinflu3nc3_ reacted: Naaah I don’t believe he will fulfill that. Same thing that Wizkid promised with no results.

@_Tri_stan alleged: He is really milking Nigeria for clout because what ppl are you looking for? When you came didn’t you have ppl you stayed with and showed you around? Cant u work work with shank and others to build the sch instead of making noise?

@ItzBarbieAlmie shared: Them no tell am ?… Those people are not ready for progress, Don’t even get me started on the tribal and gang issues they have, all that prevents them from letting people help them…

I was harassed and threatened because i wanted to help feed their community… Most traumatic things I’ve had to live through… Take your money elsewhere Kai.