Judy Austin faces criticism for featuring hubby’s father, Pete Edochie in movie

Nigerian actress, Judy Austin has stirred controversy for choosing to her husband, Yul Edochie’s father, Pete Edochie.

She announced in a post on her social media page that she was shooting a Nollywood film titled The God Father with the vetaran actor.

Judy was excited about the development because it is the first film to be debuted in the year 2023, which is being produced and directed by Pete.

She said the movie is packed with the best actors in the industry and it will be explosive when finally released.

“Our first production of the year!!! THE GOD FATHER!!! This movie is going to drop like an explosion!!! Packed with the best actors in the game!!!” Judy captioned.

However, social media users attacked her by claiming she was desperate and tried to play such a stunt on her husband and father-in-law to be accepted in the family.

A user wrote; A desperate woman can even swim the red Sea …and Karma might take time but must surely Come….. Adding Pete Edochie will not still make you a wonderful wife….. Okirika can never be regarded as Turkey wear…. Enjoy while it last.

Another IG user commented; If you met Yul Edochie when his first wife met him…… would you still agree to have married him?

I know the answer already….. Is NO because you don’t like to suffer. The woman that have suffered with him…. You wished to take her place right? Check and ask yourself if it was you…. How will you feel? We are all humans.

Meanwhile, Austin recently issued a public service announcement regarding her marriage to popular actor, Yul Edochie.

She declared proudly via her Instagram page that she is Mrs Judy Austin Edochie, just 24 hours after her husband apologised to his his first wife.

CorrectNG reported on Wednesday that Yul tendered an apology to May Edochie and deleted all the photos of Judy from his Instagram page.

He had earlier taken to his Instagram page and appealed to May to forgive him for impregnating another woman and marrying her.

The actor’s post generated controversy and a plethora of reactions online with some fans going to Judy’s comment section to troll her.

In reaction, she shared a video of herself enjoying a ride and wrote; ”Her Excellency Judy Austin Yul-Edochie

This Christmas is already looking too sleek!!! Loving the cold weather.. I hope y’all are catching fun????”

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