Josh2Funny wows audience as he auditions at America’s Got Talent [Video]

Nigerian comedian and skit-maker, Josh Alfred, popularly known as Josh2Funny, has gone global following his audition at America’s Got Talent.

The content creator traveled to the United States of America to audition for a chance to win $1million which is the prize money AGT’s winner takes home.

Josh2Funny executed a 3-stage act which unfortunately started out with the judges, Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Sofía Vergara and Howie Mande giving him No’s.

His first act involved going on stage as a speed reader who would read three books in under one minute. But when Josh read the books, he just mumbled all the words but this did not impress the four judges.

They refused to give him a pass to the next phase and then sent him off the stage. However, he did not give up, rather he did something they never expected which was to come back in a different clothe and with another name.

Josh2Funny’s second act was being the ‘fastest rapper in the world’ known as J Hush and all he did was mumble his words like he did while speed reading. Simon, Heidi and the other two still gave him No and turned him back.

He came back the third time on the same day as a magician identified as Terrifying Jay. The comedian used a deck of cards to try and perform magic but before he began, Howie gave him a no buzzer.

He then used the host, Terry Crews to perform a mind control trick which eventually impressed Simon Cowell who gave him a pass to the next stage on behalf of his fellow judges.

The judges insisted that they were not impressed so he decided to channel the fast rapping which made the audience to get off their seats, give him a standing ovation with loud cheers, dances and applause.

Sharing the viral clip on its official Twitter page, AGT captioned “Josh Alfred is not giving up!”

Watch video below: