Joey Akan fires maid for taking all the foodstuff in his absence

Nigerian music journalist, Joey Akan has revealed that he sacked his housemaid for allegedly stealing all the food he stocked in his house.

The broadcaster said that the maid ensured the disappearance of the entire food stuff within 3 weeks and this was when he traveled to Europe.

According to Joey, he returned home to see that the noodles, rice, beans, garri, eggs and other foods in his house had finished.

He said the house keeper’s action infuriated him the more because he came back from his trip brokeand so he sacked her immediately.

The podcaster advised people to curtail any case of theft perpetrated by domestic workers as soon as they notice any such acts, because if they allow petty thefts to go unpunished, it increases with time to more dastardly crimes.

He wrote; ”Went to Europe, returned after 3 weeks and my cleaner had emptied my entire pantry.

Two full cartons of noodles, empty. Eggs gone. Rice, beans, garri, butter, spices, canned foods, everything. And I returned broke to an empty house. It pained me, so I let her go immediately.

It’s not just food biko. That’s entry level. They get emboldened and show you real shege. It all started from two eggs a day, and food in the fridge, and I let it go, because “it’s just food.”

Please nip theft in the bud. Protect yourself.”

Similarly, a house help has been confronted after he was discovered to be a man who pretended that he is a woman in order to secure a job.

He was exposed after the fake breast he wore fell off while he was doing his nanny duties as his employer’s place.

A video making the rounds online shows the young man being interrogated by his boss in the presence of his friends as he asked the suspect to drop the fake breast on the floor.

The incident reportedly happened in Ajah, Lagos state.

According to a source, he was able to get the job with the help of an agent after he packaged himself as a busty woman.

A photo of him dressed as a woman with big breast was also shared on social media.

He confessed that he lied about being a woman and gave his name as Destiny, but he said that he was actually in need of help which was the reason for his disguise.

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