Joeboy speaks on his sugar mummy’s reaction to him singing about her (Video)

Nigerian singer, Joseph Akinwale Akinfenwa also known as Joeboy, has said that he dedicated a song on his album, Somewhere Between Beauty and Magic to his sugar mummy.

He revealed that they started their relationship in 2019 and in 2021 he sang about her on the track, ‘Sugar Mama’.

Joeboy was speaking during chat with Pulse as he said that when she found out the song was about her, she was happy.

The ‘Baby’ crooner said everything he sang about on the song is true and she is an amazing person.

He also said that his sugar mummy is someone who does not like to be in the limelight because she does not want people to know the person he’s dating.

Watch him speak below:

In other news, a Nigerian man has taken to social media lament bitterly after his girlfriend left him despite the fact that he invested in her.

The guy known as @Sirfreshsemi on Twitter said he sponsored her through school only for the girl to leave him for another man.

He said that he also gave bought a car for her last year, yet all he did was not enough for her to remain loyal to him.

He shared a video of him with the babe and said the heartbreak made it difficult for him to eat nor sleep as he is currently depressed.

According to Femi, people advised him to collect the car back but because he still loves her and wants her happy, he did not heed their advice.

He tweeted; “After sponsoring this girl through school she left me for another man. This was the same girl I bought a car for last year. I’m so depressed and sad, can’t eat nor sleep. I have been crying since I find out.

I’m tired of this life. I don’t think I can live anymore. 🥺🥺 People advised me to collect the car back but I still love her and want her to be happy even after breaking my heart into pieces 🥺 I can’t stop crying !”