Jim Iyke lambasts man who trolled him over ‘failed career’

Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke has traded words with an online troll who tried to ridicule his dress sense and career under the guise of giving advice.

The man identified with username Realhonour took to the comment section of Jim Iyke’s Instagram post to criticize his sense of fashion.

Jim Iyke lambasts man who trolled him over ‘failed career’

He argued that it was “unwise” for the movie star to parade himself in designer wear instead of reviving his failed acting career. He also chided the 47-year-old for always showing himself off on social media instead of settling down with another woman.

“Jim lyke, it’s unwise how u focus on dressing, putting on designers wears instead of working to revive ur failing career.More unwise forming legend yet ur impacts aren’t much felt.

Most unwise still single instead of healing, move-on to get self a brand new wife to become a responsible man. Limit the flauntings. Avoid pr! de. Work on ur anger issues.Bé wise. Don’t be unwise,” he wrote.

Reacting, Jim Iyke insulted the young man and noted that rather than change the destiny of his poor family, he chose to go around trolling his destiny helpers.

The actor wrote; “@realhonour199 lol young men out there are making it in huge strides. Someone advised you to troll your destiny helpers for clout.

Dem born your whole generation for poverty instead make you go hustle change yiur hopeless destiny u dey here dey post people we don make am for generations. You come worwor join your generational curse join. Small maggot help yourself small naa. Smh you’re very wise.”

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Jim Iyke lambasts man who trolled him over ‘failed career’