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Jesus told disciples to abandon material things and follow him, but pastors are preaching the opposite – Lady slams modern day pastors



A Nigerian lady simply known as Uloma, has taken to social media to speak on how the message that Jesus Christ preached has been twisted by modern day pastors.

According to the lady who lifted a line from the bible, Jesus had asked his 12 disciples to abandon their material things and follow him, whereas pastors of nowadays are telling people to follow them and gain material things.

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Uloma said that the message of Christianity undergoing a drastic change and people blindly defending the new doctrine is something that needs to be studied.

She wrote;

”Jesus: “abandon your material things and follow me.”

Pastors: “follow me and gain material things.”

This single turn-around in the message of Christianity and the tradition of defending it needs to be studied critically because how??


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Satan: “I will give you all the wealth, kingdoms of the world and their glory if you worship me.”

Jesus: “no.”

99% of your pastors would’ve taken the offer. Makes me wonder whose words you actually follow. Jesus or gods of men who are so obsessed with wealth?”

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