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Japa syndrome: Good governance will make youths stop leaving Nigeria – Ex-Commissioner

Former Commissioner for Commerce and Industry in Ogun State, Bimbo Ashiru, has said that good governance is the perfect recipe for preventing mass migration of Nigerians commonly termed ‘Japa syndrome’.

He made the statement in an interview while stressing that if government makes the lives of citizens comfortable and secure, it will make ‘japa’ unattractive

Ashiru, however, clarified that he does not oppose the idea of people traveling for academic purposes or work, so long as they return to invest in Nigeria

He said; “Foreigners come to our country too, if people need to travel out of the country to work and make money, then come back to invest, I don’t have a problem with it.

I am not an advocate of japa. However, people should go to where they are comfortable and are secured. We must get to a level that guarantees that for the country’s citizens. I believe the current president (Bola Tinubu) is working on it; and I believe that with the kind of people around him, he will be able to achieve that.

In the last eight years, people could not trust their government. There were graduates with good grades, but no jobs. If I become the president today, my priorities will be on education, health and economic development.

However, we cannot keep opening universities without creating jobs; because if the students graduate, where will they work? There must be infrastructure to support them. If someone graduates and is jobless for about five years, they might get involved in different crimes, such as fraud and armed robbery.

I actually sympathise with the young ones, because the environment is not conducive for them. I remember that when my brothers finished schooling in those days, there were jobs already waiting for them, and they were even choosing the ones they preferred. And, when they got the jobs, they were well paid and given cars. And, they started rising from there. But, these days, there are no jobs, talk more of cars. We need a government that will encourage the youth. That way, those who have travelled will eventually come home.”