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“Jacob in the Bible is the number one Yahoo boy” – Nigerian prophet claims



A Nigerian prophet, Abiodun has stated that the Jacob in the Bible was the number one Yahoo boy and 419 kingpin in history.

In a video which has now gone viral on social media, Prophet Abiodun, a white garment church preacher, made the controversial statement. According to him, Jacob performed all kinds of fraud to the point that he fraudulently got married to two sisters.

He said;

“When talking about Yahoo boys, 419, Jacob in the Bible is number one. Honestly, in my own opinion. “Number one 419 kingpin is Jacob. He stole in every way. “He got to his in-laws house, he used fraud. He got married to two sisters from the same mother. “There was no wonder he didn’t perform”.

His statement has generated quite a number of reactions on social media, with many wondering if he is actually glorifying internet fraud by linking the fraudsters to a Biblical figure.

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