I’ve slept with countless women since becoming a celeb – Diminutive actor, Don Little

Small-sized Ghanaian actor, Don Little says he has lost count of the number of women he slept with since hitting stardom.

The movie star stated this during a recent interview with media personality, Delay, stressing that his diminutive nature does not stop women from finding him attractive.

Don Little lost count

Don Little revealed that he meets most of the ladies through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and they often engage in escapades in different hotels. He explained that he could get a cheap guest house for 30ghc for a short time.

When Delay asked the actor if he satisfies the women in bed, he said he doesn’t care about their feelings after satisfying his urges.

In another news…

Nigerian singer, Skales has said female fans are more attracted to married male celebrities because seeing the way the men treat their partners gives the single ladies something to yearn.

He noted that the days of female fans controlling themselves and taming their obsessions with male celebrities after their marriage are gone.

The host asked: “I have noticed this about male celebrities, once they get married there is this notion that they are not as attractive or available as before and so most female fans tend to stop supporting them. What do you think?”

Skales responded: “I think that is old school. There are a lot of married people that are doing great in the entertainment industry. I don’t think it’s about the marriage anymore. Now it’s about how the married celebrity is treating his woman. If he’s treating her well, ladies are going to appreciate him even more.

“I believe females in a way like bad boys. And all the females I know like bad boys. All the females that are my friends, they’re very calm but they like bad things. Bad boy does not necessarily mean he’s stressing you out. Bad boy is a guy who gat game. I’m still a bad boy despite being married.”