I’ve seen many guys run away from a woman because she’s a boss – Caramel Plug

Nigerian content creator, Caramel Plug, has asserted that many men are scared of women who are rich or occupy key positions in their place of work.

She made this statement during a recent episode of Rants, Bants & Confessions podcast which featured rapper, Dandizzy.

The controversial podcaster said that she has witnessed several cases of men making a U-turn when they realise that the woman they wanted to woo is a boss.

Dandizzy was arguing for ladies to stop having a sense of entitlement and expecting men to take care of all their needs.

He said that a woman in a relationship is supposed to be able to contribute in her own way without having to always wait for her man to do everything.

According to the Hip Hop act, he wants his wife to be in charge or be a boss in her own right.

Caramel then interjected and disagreed with him, asking if he knows the number of men who will flee if their woman were to drive a G-Wagon.

Watch video below:

In related news, singer, Harrison Tare Okiri a.k.a Harrysong has said that men are generally tired of what the idea of an “Independent woman” represents.

He shared an advisory with women, saying that those who believe in marriage and would love to build their dream homes with their partners, should stay in their parent’s house.

According to the singer, the ideal concept is for ladies to work grow from their parents house, and allow men come and marry them from there.

Harrysong took to his Instastories to share his opinion while arguing that a man’s money is for both him and his woman and that a woman is only required to ask for it.

He wrote; “If you still believe in marriage and love to build ur own home with ur dream partner, stay in your parents house, work and grow from there, let him marry you from there.

We need to bring back good home up bringing, fear of God and respect, we are sick and tired of this whole independent woman shit. My money is our money. It’s more than enough for us. Just ask anything, I’ll do it.”