I’ve received nearly half a million – Man behind Eluu P song

A Nigerian man known as Stephen Muoka, has gotten the nickname Mr Eluu P, following a viral video of him counting votes in a comical manner during the presidential election on February 25.

The content creator said that he’s been getting a lot of attention as a result of what he did and he also received donations from different people.

Muoka revealed that he is a secondary school graduate from Aguata in Anambra State. He said that he has received about N300,000 from people who felt the need to encourage and support him as he still intends to go to the university.

He said during an interview; “Many persons sent me money, and they said I should not mention it. In total, I got about N300,000. I have plans for the money. I am trying to sustain my fame. Also, I want to further my education. Before the ‘Eluu P’ video, I was working as a mechanic, fixing automobiles.

Muoka also talked about the events leading up to the moment his ‘Eluu P’ video was recorded and what happened after it surfaced online.

He said; “The video was recorded at Onu Orei Amechi Road, Topland, Enugu State. That was where my polling unit was. The Labour Party won that polling unit. I was not the one who recorded the video. One of my friends, Kachi, did. He put the video on TikTok. It was from there that a popular blogger, Tunde Ednut, picked it. From there, the video went viral. I did not even know that my friend was recording me. It was after the video went viral that I got to know about it.”

When asked if the Labour party candidate or members of his team reached out, he said; “Not yet, but I desire to meet Peter Obi one day. I have a hundred per cent hope that one day, I would meet him.”

He added that the video made him “Very popular, and I feel so happy about that. I did not know that it would go viral, considering that I did not tell anyone to record me in the first place. So many persons have appreciated me so far. They said I put smiles on their faces again when they felt there was no hope. However, their spirits were lightened with the ‘Eluu P’ video.”