I’ve never visited any native doctor for powers – Prophet Odumeje

General Overseer, Mountain of Holy Ghost Intervention and Deliverance Ministry, Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere aka Prophet Odumeje, has denied visiting native doctors to seek spiritual powers.

The popular clergyman reiterated his statement that he is not a false prophet and further distanced himself from the use of fake powers.

This follows a warning by gospel singer Dunsin Oyekan that Christians should be weary of the ‘abido shaker’ trend, stressing that it makes a mockery of the Christian faith.

He said; “Been seeing videos and people writing ‘Abido Shaker’ and the rest… Believers, the things we find funny are a mockery of our faith. We should shut things like this down! No, it’s not funny! You will be shocked at how gullible some people are! #wakeup”.

However, Odumeje clarified in a video circulating on social media that all his miracles are authentic and he communicates with Jesus.

He said: “I don’t have anything to do with fake power; only Jesus appears to me. I have never gone to any place or native doctor to seek power. It’s all about Jesus.”

In related news…

CorrectNG reported weeks ago that Prophet Odumeje rained insults on those accusing him of being a fake man of God.

The Anambra-based prophet also lambasted those who see his preachings and miracles as some form of comedic entertainment.

He warned the public to desist from calling him an entertainer and sharing his videos with the aim of using him for comic relief.

He further stated that ‘thunder will fire them’ and vowed that he will come for people who claim that he performs fake miracles even though it is Jesus that is using him to heal people.

Odumeje said his naysayers are idiots for all the abovementioned reasons and any day he finds out someone made false allegations against him, the person will be in trouble.

He said; “Many of you are using me as comedy. If nobody in your generation or history in Igbo land has ever done the kind of miracles that Jesus is using me to do and you are using me as a comedy, and you’re calling me an entertainer, I am coming for you.

If I have done fake miracles and posted it on social media, you are idiots to call me a comedian, you are an idiot to call me an entertainment man…. thunder will fire you. Anyday you mention my name before that stvpid things, that day you are in trouble.”