I’ve never met Phyna – DeeOne explains real reason for their beef

Reality TV star and comedian, Adedayo Aderombi, popularly known as DeeOne, has explained why he called out Big Brother Naija 2022 winner, Phyna weeks ago.

Phyna had said during an episode of her podcast that a man offered her N5 million to spend the night with him, but she turned him down.

At the time, DeeOne, who participated in BBNaija 2018, lambasted her for ‘lying’ about something that never happened and asked for proof if she wants people to believe the story.

Deeone Phyna

However, the matter escalated to a point that they started attacking each other on social media and leveling allegations over the course of some weeks.

Speaking on why he called Phyna out, DeeOne said they have never met but he wanted to enlighten people that she did not not really know what she said about the sex-for-money offer.

He said; “I have never met Phyna before, though we know each other. My statement was sarcastic. It was not supposed to be taken word for word. It was actually meant to paint a picture, letting people know that she did not know what she was saying.”

DeeOne also denied being gay like Phyna alleged and said it was wrong for the Edo-born brand influencer to castigate people who fall under that category.

He said; “I am not homophobic; neither am I gay. But, I feel that castigating them (gay people) is not the right way to go about the situation. I am aware that homosexuality is illegal in Nigeria, but the Internet is not limited to Nigeria alone. Whatever one puts on the Internet can be seen by people from all over the world. One has to be careful not to offend a group of people.”