I’ve never cheated on my partner – Shallipopi

Nigerian Afro-fusion singer and rapper, Crown Uzama, professionally known as Shallipopi says he has never cheated on any of his previous or current partner.

The ‘Elon Musk’ hit maker made this revelation during a recent interview with British-Nigerian media personality Madame Joyce on her podcast.

I have never cheated on my partner - Shallipopi

Shallipopi said he doesn’t have a penchant for dating multiple women as he cannot double date once he is in a committed relationship.

He also said that he does not know how to cheat secretly so it will be easy for his lover to ind out if he is secretly seeing someone else.

Shallipopi said: “I have never been in a polygamous relationship. I stick to one woman if I am in a relationship. I can’t double date because you can get exposed easily. If you have a girlfriend, you love your girlfriend and you cheat, you will definitely be caught.

I don’t cheat because I will be caught. It’s not as if I’m easily caught. You can act smart and cheat, but you know that you are lying to yourself. I have never cheated before. You can never catch me cheating. I have never done it.”

In another news…

CorrectNG reported earler that a man known as Vanny Boy cried out over betrayal from his wife whom he discovered has been cheating on me.

He said the woman he’s been married to 10 years is having an affair with his father’s brother who is overseas. Vanny, who said he has also been out of the country for 2 years said he sends upkeep money, school fees yet his wife chose to be unfaithful.

The heartbroken man said that his wife used to send nudes to his uncle in exchange from money from him. He sought advice on what to do because he was confused about the next line of action.

He said; “I need a sober answer. I have been married for 10yrs. Of late i come to find out that my wife has been cheating on me with a Brother to my Dad. They have been exchanging nudes pictures in an exchange of money.

My Brother to my Dad is out of country. I my self have been out of the country for 2yrs but have been sending money for upkeep and school fees. I feel betrayed & i don’t know what to do. My question is What is the best step to take.”