I’ve lost respect for certain people because of this election – Simi

Award-winning Nigerian songstress, Simi says the 2023 election in Nigeria opened her eyes to see some people for who they really are.

She said that many people surprised her with their choice and sentiments regarding the outcome of the presidential polls.

Simi said she has lost whatever respect she had for certain people who rationalised an election that was marred by intimidation violence and result manipulation

The JAMB Question crooner said that anyone who defends wicked things in broad daylight is arrogant and proud.

She said; “A lot of people have surprised me this election. Lost whatever respect many have had for them. “It’s my choice” is fair; but when people do wicked things in daylight without fear of repercussion, and you still support them, it serves you better to do it quietly.

You’re not courageous, or brave, or strong in the face of adversity. You’re ignorant. And proud.”

In other news, an African American woman has shared some words of advise with young ladies regarding how they address men in their lives.

She said a man does not care if his woman loves him because all he cares about is for her to be respectful towards him.

In a video posted on social media, she said a man is less concerned about how his partner pampers him with money or gifts, and more concerned about her not talking to him in a disrespectful manner.

According to her, while women need love, men need respect, which is why they could leave pretty loud mouthed ladies and move to those who are not attractive looking just so they can have peace of mind.

She urged females to learn how to control what they say to their partner because whatever their mouth does matters.