I’ve been trying to snatch a married man but he’s proving difficult – Nigerian lady laments

A Nigerian lady simply known as Sandy has revealed that there is a married man she is interested in but he does not look her way.

She said she has been trying to get his attention but he doesn’t notice her despite adopting different approaches.

According to Sandy, she is in love with him but he does not know.

The Port Harcourt-based lady said she is jealous of what he shares with his wife because he loves her so much. Sandy lamented over the thought of not being able to get the man she wants.

She said; “There’s this PH guy here, I’m in love with him but he’s married, he doesn’t know I love and want him though. I’ve tried all to get him but he won’t even notice me.

I feel so jealous how much he loves his wife. Like seeing a man you want and can’t get have to love another the way you want to be loved”

Meanwhile Nollywood star, IK Ogbonna has said that he prefers going into relationships with women who are half castes because they are his ‘spec’.

He stated that he does not have any issue with dating Nigerian women but he is more attracted to those ladies who are of mixed race.

The Nollywood ‘bad boy’ opened up on his preference during an interview with The Punch, when asked why he has not been seen mingling well with any Nigerian lady?

Ogbonna said; “I am someone that would not discriminate; I have dated across religions and tribes. I don’t look at a person and question where you are coming from, it just so happens that I find myself with particular kinds of persons, we call it ‘spec’. You know when they tell you or say your spec is half-caste, it becomes that you are drawn to half-castes, it doesn’t mean I haven’t dated dark-skinned. So there is no discrimination, it’s just wherever I find myself then.”

The movie star who was formerly married to Sonia Morales, also said that he is still open to getting married again.

Speaking on plans to remarry, IK said; “We never say never. So for me, the doors are still very open but, probably in life you know you tend to look out for certain things and qualities in a woman because you don’t want to have a divorce twice. I am going to get married again but it’s going to be with someone with particular characteristics and personality that I can hold on to. If the worst comes to worst, I can hold on to this lady and move on.”

He also talked about temptations he’s encountered as an actor.

He said; “The greatest was probably getting carried away with stardom. You are no longer that regular normal guy that would walk down your street or travel and no one will recognise you, you have now become that person that anywhere you go, anything you do, you have to be careful. If you don’t caution yourself, it will take over you and you might be bound to lose friends, family and you don’t want that. So, fighting to have your privacy is such a big temptation.”