It’s unromantic for my date to request that we split bills – Nigerian stylist

A Nigerian stylist based in the United Kingdom, has said that she would not be able to date a man that suggested splitting the bills on a date.

The lady known as Oyinda said she has no particular problem with splittin the bill but once that happens, then it means they have ruled out any possiblity of ever being a couple

She explained that she would find it difficult to see such a man as a romantic interest, and by vrtue of the act, they have sealed their platonic friendship.

Oyinda stated this on microblogging platform, Twitter as she stressed that she loves eating out with or without a man, so her problem is not hunger.

She tweeted; “The problem isn’t splitting bills on dates cos I’m not a hungry babe, eating out is my forte with or without man.

The problem is my brain struggles to continue to see you as a romantic interest after we split bills. We are buddies now, might as well fist bump before we call it a night.”

Reacting, @BrainyPoet said; So the validity of a romance, in your perspective, is how much freebies you continue to get?

@ZoeOxide; That means your romance is literally for sale. You’re a romance vendor

@slpntax; So you’ll find him romantic as long as keeps paying ?? Your mind will not touch ground 😁

@TheRealGee4life; So basically what you said is the problem isn’t splitting bills but splitting bills?

@olamilekankrm; You still did not invalidate that the “problem is not splitting bill”. Your tweet just confirmed that the problem is literally splitting bill

@Sir_Adeeyy; So he needs to spend money on a date before you can see him as a romantic interest? Then the problem is definitely splitting Bills.

@Oslabies; Blood thought she did something, bro you’ve got problem with splitting bills

@LaceVine; Reading the comments and my men have fallen off. You guys are acting like social media woke baddies. You’re now dragging date expenses with women? When did it get this bad? God abeg.

@Themichaelllll; This is totally fine and natural , that’s why real patriarchal men never take a lady out on a romantic date and expect her to pay for her own food , it’s just terrible , a man that took you out is meant to handle that, but somehow “wokeness” has found a way wanna make it normal.