It’s nobody’s business if male skit-makers choose to dress like women – Comedian, DeeOne

Nigerian comedian and Big Brother Naija ex-contestant, Adedayo Aderombi, aka Dee One, has said he does not believe there is anything wrong with male skit makers dressing like women.

He said that they are expressing their creativity and it is not right for people to criticise them for the act.

According to DeeOne, it is also not anybody’s business how content creators choose to practice their craft as there are people who still find them funny.

He said; “I don’t think dressing like a woman is wrong. Also, it is not right for anybody to tell another person how to express their creativity. There will be people who find that person funny. If you don’t find a particular comedian funny, just move on. It is nobody’s business. It is about the individual’s creativity and the best way they feel they can express humour. I genuinely find some of them funny.”

The comic act who runs a comedy club, also maintained that there is a difference between skit makers and stand-up comedians.

DeeOne said; “My comedy club is well attended. Even though skit makers are churning out a lot of content, more people are still attending comedy clubs. They are two different markets. The Gen Z love to go on TikTok to watch skits. However, the people who take out time to attend comedy clubs are much more mature people.”

Similarly, comedian, Otaghware Onodjayeke, professionally known as I Go Save, has said that the primary aim of comedians is to make people forget about their pains, sorrows and worries.

He stated this in an interview while also explaining that they as stand up acts and on screen comics do not mock people intentionally.

I Go Save said comedians are aware that making people laugh at events is the key to getting more gigs so they will go to any length to provoke laughter even if it entails crossing the line at times.

He said; “I don’t think comedians intentionally come out to mock people in the name of stand-up comedy. In every field, we have the young ones who are still learning and finding their roots. They may cross the line sometimes but as they grow, they would learn. No comedian comes out to make people feel bad about themselves, when the essence of a comedian’s craft is to make people laugh.

“We are out to make people forget about their pains, sorrows and all the things that bother them. Comedians know that if they do not make people laugh at a particular event, they would not get other opportunities. In stand-up comedy, one must be careful about telling jokes that would offend people. That is when professionalism comes in.”