It’s difficult for entertainers to find love – Singer, Ugoccie

Nigerian songstress, Ugoccie, has said it is hard for entertainers to find love owing to the general perception people have about them.

According to the budding singer, some people believe that entertainers have everything they need at their beck and call, but the truth is many them actually struggle with finding love.

It's difficult for entertainers to find love - Singer, Ugoccie

Ugoccie said; “It is very difficult for entertainers to find love, because people already have a perception of who an entertainer is. They think we have wild lifestyles. It is very difficult for many people to see us for who we really are.”

In response to the challenges she faces at this level of her career, she said; “I don’t like to call them challenges. I believe opportunities can be found in everything that presents itself to me as a challenge. As an entertainer, one major challenge is getting money to fund projects.”

In similar news…

Famous Nigerian actress and producer, Laide Bakare, has said it is difficult for women in her profession to find true love.

The Yoruba movie star lamented that men who show interest in her sometimes do it due to her celebrity status rather than because of who she is.

Laide Bakare spoke about her relationship and career challenges in an interview, where she pointed out that it is hard for a famous person to figure out who is genuine.

She said; “As an actress, producer and director, my primary challenge has to do with navigating relationships and finding true love. Sometimes, people are attracted to my status and my profession, rather than the essence of who I am. Distinguishing genuine connections from those based on fame is often a delicate task.”