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It’s despicable for leaders to spend dollars ‘buying’ delegates while owing salaries, pensions – Peter Obi



Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party (LP), Peter Obi, has decried the lack pf progress in the country caused by leaders who failed to manage her resources, while adopting the use of foreign currency.

The former Anambra State Governor spoke while giving his acceptance speech after being announced as the Labour Party flagbearer for the 2023 presidential election.

Obi, in the speech titled “Let Us Return Nigeria to Their Rightful Owners”, promised to help Nigerians regain their country from the forces of bad leadership and retrogression.

The presidential hopeful also raised concerns over the abandonment of Naira by leaders who use ‘dollars’ to bribe their way into public office while owing workers and pensioners.

He said; “Painfully, our current dysfunctional system rewards unearned income and conspicuous consumption; allows university lecturers to remain on strike for months; keep our youths at home; and owe pensioners, who gave their patriotic sweat and their youthful energy to serve this country.

“The despicable contrast is that those responsible for the mess – those elected to take care of them – have abandoned the national currency and are living in opulence and like kings, spend dollars to buy delegates as well as houses all over the world. Meanwhile, they owe most workers, lecturers and retirees.

“Yes, our country stands hijacked by forces of retrogression. We are almost zero in all indices of development. As a result, our future, especially those of the youth and generations unborn is in ruins. We have become a laughing stock among other nations, including African countries where we were once revered.

“As a party that represents the workers and masses of this great nation, we are people organised and working for our economic rebirth. As I am nominated today, I humbly proclaim that the journey towards the emancipation of the country has begun.

“I note with humility that the journey is going to be a collective one that will certainly require the cooperation of critical stakeholders in our country, especially the youth, whose future has been thoroughly degraded.

I therefore thank all of you and call for your sustained support towards returning Nigeria to Nigerians from forces of bad leadership and retrogression. Such a noble tasks brooks no conscientious objectors”.

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