It wasn’t worth it – Man says after deleting lady’s number despite hustling to get it

A Nigerian man has stirred reactions after revealing that he struggled to get a lady’s number but ended up discarding it.

The Twitter user known as @1Whizbang said he collected a lady’s phone number in Akure, Ondo state and failed to call her when he reached home.

He said that he deleted it when he remembered how hard he tried to get the number from her because he felt it was not worth the stress.

However, @1Whizbang met her again the next day and she asked him why he did not call again as expected. He claimed to have forgotten to save the number so she gave it to him again.

In his words; ”I collected this babe’s number while I was in Akure. At first she was reluctant to give it out but she eventually did and I told her I would call her later that night. I got home and thought about the stress I had to go through just to get her number and deleted the number cos….

I felt it wasn’t worth it. Fortunately we met the next day and this babe legit asked me why I didn’t call her again later that night as promised but I told her I couldn’t find the number that I forgot to save it then this girl gave me the number again. omo I just weak.”

See how social media users below..

@photoriichy86; The “cheapest” women I had in my life actually were the best from my exes to my wife ,e be like say na jazz I use catch my wife.
Me:babe see as you fine make I date you na
Babe:date me na
Me: can I have your num
Babe: give me your own I will call you.
Na my wife 9yr now.

@endless_cee; Exactly, my best relationships never stressed my life before accepting. Men ar naturally hunters, those who prove hard to get are game, we string them up as trophies while we pet and domesticate those that didn’t want to be hunted

@gentleboi92; Since the thing no dey your mind, you should let her be, instead of playing with her emotion, if to say she give you the number immediately you go say she be olosho, so make up your mind

@AlvanJenkins; I’ve done this a few times before. Sometimes it’s not worth it. I even forget to call them. I hate stress.

@phveektordrayne; Good babe no dey stress man, if she stress you just get her to bed and free her later so your effort no go waste

@cocobon0; If girl gives out her number easily you men will say she’s loose and desperate, if she is reluctant( do small shakara) to give it out, you men will say she’s forming and not worth it. Honestly is there a way to please you men?