“It gets lonely at the top” – Jaywon reflects on career success and decline

Nigerian singer, Olajuwonlo Iledare, professionally known as Jaywon, has revealed that as he climbed to the peak of his career, he experienced loneliness.

He made this known in an interview where he urged people to be wary of those that only celebrate and surround them when they are successful.

Jaywon lonely

The ‘This Year’ crooner said he experienced the ups and downs associated with ‘blowing’ in the entertainment industry and he concluded that it gets ‘lonely at the top’.

Jaywon said; “I have always said that one needs to be strong in the industry. One also has to strike a balance with the people around one.

“It’s all shades of beautiful when one has the biggest songs and everyone comes around celebrating one. One has to be careful because one doesn’t know the intentions of people towards one.

“When one is not ‘popping’ and having a good run, the situation becomes different, and one will see people for who they really are. I have experienced both sides, and I can say that it gets lonely at the top.”

When asked if the industry sidelined him because he did not belong to a clique, he said; “It has been crazzy a few times for me. There are people who have been hating on my brand since I left my former record label and till date, they have resentment towards me.

“Everyone knows there are cliques and caucuses in the industry, and they advance some artistes because they benefit from the cliques. For some, it’s a different case. We have learnt to live and grow with them and among them.”

Jaywon, while maintaining that he did not have any regrets, said; “I am thankful for the wins, growth, fans and the lives I have been able to touch.”