It annoys me when artistes pretend not to care about success – Ed Sheeran

British superstar singer, Ed Sheeran has expressed disappointment in some of his colleagues who claim that they make music just for passion and not in pursuit of success.

He said it makes him annoyed when he hears musicians say they do not care whether people like their songs or not, because their comments reeks of dishonesty.

It annoys me when artistes pretend not to care about success - Ed Sheeran

Sheeran shared his opinion during an episode of Therapuss With Jake Shane, noting that if those artists truly don’t care about success, they wouldn’t release their music commercially or sign with record labels.

According to him, they all want to be loved and that is why they get on stage, sign record deals and release music to the public instead of keeping it to themselves.

The Grammy winner posited that all artistes want to be successful and famous, noting that the primary reason some say they don’t care about success is only because it “sounds cool.”

Sheeran said: “I don’t believe any artiste that says they don’t, otherwise, you wouldn’t release music because you’d be like, ‘If I don’t care what people think, then why would I even put it out?’ You’d just sort of make the music and be like, ‘Well, that’s made me feel good.’

“All artistes, we want to be loved. That’s why we are on stage. And that’s why you sign to a record company, to go, ‘I would like people to hear the music that I’m making.’ I don’t really subscribe to this whole, like, not caring thing. That’s all a kind of ruse, because it sounds cool to say but every artiste wants people to like their music.

“It really pisses me off when people are like, ‘Oh I don’t care how it does.’ I’m like, ‘F**king shut up! You do! Everyone does.’ Anyone in the pop game definitely cares.”