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Is your partner the right person for you? A must read



Wait a minute! Are you really doing this? What are you trying to find out? Sadly, we are focused on trying to ascertain if our partner is the right one for us that we miss the most beautiful things. There is absolutely no trusted way of finding out whether your partner is Mr or Mrs right. I can guarantee you that trying to find out stuffs like this can compromise your happiness and leave you with a broken heart.

There is no proven logic to finding out if your partner is ideal for you. Take this from someone who has had her heart crushed a couple of times and walked out of an abusive relationship. The signs are never always there, the dos and don’ts hardly match; people just get tired of pretending to be who they are not and unconsciously show their true self.

Although there are some common mistakes that kills the fun in a once loving relationship. Knowing the most common mistakes and avoiding them can save you both the heartache.

Relax and read on. I am about to open your eyes to some vital relationship facts you might most likely never find online. Before I drop the most common mistakes couples make, I would first enlighten you on the top 4 reasons why you keep thinking you are with the wrong person.


4.Lack of communication and romance

Communication is the foundation of every relationship. A lack of communication can cause doubts, emotional drifts, resentment and misunderstanding. Should you ever notice the communication gap getting shorter in your relationship, the best thing to do is try to find out if there’s a recent impromptu change of activities in your partners schedule, what is happening in your partners life, is your partner passing through any major challenges?  A sudden change should never make you assume the worse. Draw your partner’s attention to this and talk about it like adults.

Also, it is important to find out if your partner is a romantic person. Do not be triggered if they ever slowed it down. It might really not be their thing. Be patient with your partner and never you compare them to your friends partner.

3. Little or no talk about the future.

You want to find out if you are with the right or wrong person, what better way to find out than to talk about your future together. I know that couples barely talk about this; every little misunderstanding leaves you wondering if you have a place in your partners’ future. Do yourselves a favor, talk about this today.

2. Meeting his family members

If meeting a man’s family means a relationship is moving somewhere, then I should have been married with 4 kids by now. This is not a criteria neither is it a confirmation seal. A man can introduce you to his ancestors and still leave you hanging. A man can introduce more than one woman to his family.

Do not let the slogan “our wife” fool you. I am never the kind of woman to ask a man to introduce me to his family, and should he raise the topic, I do not jump in excitement. A man that knows what he wants will pave way for this to happen without you having to pressure him. So give it time. Do not rush it.

1. Failure to go public with the relationship

Everyone wants a public relationship right? Well, I am not a fan of public relationship. I keep what’s important to me private. It is very important that you get to understand your partners’ stance when it comes to this issue. Understanding your partners’ opinion is one thing; finding out why they have such opinion is another thing.

Your partner can be a private person (understand that there is a difference between private and secret). A man mustn’t necessarily post your pictures all over social media to prove their love for you. All the relationships you made public in the past what happened to them? So relax, as long as the people that matters to him knows about you, then you are fine.

Back to some of the mistakes that kill the fun in a relationship. The mistakes are much but I am going to highlight the top 10 common mistakes.

  1. Lack of self-worth.
  2. Unwillingness to compromise.
  3. Assuming instead of talking about it.
  4. Giving the opposite sex too much attention to make your partner jealous.
  5. Not defining your boundaries with the opposite sex.
  6. Keeping secrets and telling lies.
  7. Expecting the relationship to always be rosy.
  8. Bottling up your anger and not addressing issues when they arise.
  9. Too much accusations.
  10. Lack of trust.

Which are you guilty of? What problems are you facing? Like I said, there’s no proven logic to finding out if your partner is the right one for you. We sometimes unknowingly create problems for ourselves by making the mistakes above and assuming the worst.

There is so much to talk about, but I need to be sure that you are reading. Leave a comment below if you want my earnest advice and solution. They worked for me



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