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iROKOtv CEO, Jason Njoku shares touching story about starting Business



Jason Njoku, the CEO of famous Nollywood movie marketers, iROKOtv, has taken to his Twitter page to share some bitter truths about how starting a business could be difficult as he reminisced on his life ahead of his 39th birthday.

Njoku revealed that he started this decade working so hard, and alone, that he hardly ever left his small office. In spite of the effort, he barely made enough profit per month. He went on to tell followers that when starting something new. “no one cares about your idea”. He further shared a photo of himself taken in 2010 in his old office.

“12/02/2010 – for 13mths I sat in this room alone. No team no nothing. I left the apartment maybe once a week. My earnings were ~$100/month building the first Iroko product – NollywoodLove. My friends were scared about my unhealthy obsession with ‘making it’. Was it worth it?”

“Its my 39th birthday this week. I’m taking some serious trips down memory lane. People will tell me to be humble and not enjoy life. Nah. I walked through walls. Fully optimised for happiness. It that offends you. So be it.”

“For 13 mths I sat in this room alone. No one cares about your idea. Your mum supports you because she is your mum. But she doesn’t really care about your startup. If you are the lucky minority to have a partner whilst starting, then s/he doesn’t really care too. I wrote this almost 7 years ago.” He concluded.

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