Investor money is sweet – Nigerians react to clip of Sabinus swimming in his personal pool

Award-winning comedian and skit-maker, Oga Sabinus shared a video on social media guaranteed to leave fans gasping for breath.

He went swimming and decided to give internet users a sneak peek into his time in his customised pool where he could be seen struggling to glide.

Recall that he recently launched a mansion which has a standard swimming pool customised with his name.

In the clip, Sabinus could be seen flapping his hands and legs like an obvious amateur who is just learning how to swim.

The skit-maker eventually cried out for help when he realised he was moving in the swimming pool without motion.

He admitted that he needed a teacher to give him some basic lessons so that he would not have to embarrrass himself.

“I Need A Swimming Teacher O 😂😂😂😂😂”, he wrote.

His followers made jokes about not knowing that their favourite comedian could not ‘swim to save his life.’

Watch the video below:

mercyobidake; This man! What are you doing 😂😂😂

victoranichebe; Investor money is sweet oh

mizsthicknesz; Jor o 😂 come lemme teach u

darveyrucci; Jus de play…na because e no deep 😂😂

laughpillscomedy; Swimming been nor pass as u dey do am so oo, na you Wan come over stress yourself oo😂

bensonokonkwo; 🙏🏾..🔥 Merry Christmas…💯 Wishing you a fantastic Celebration 🙏 🙏

oflagos__; Do fast. Make u con represent Nigeria in Olympic.

sommyzchisom; Did you know. Reading comments is even more interesting than the post itself … Incase you are with me just hit like

jame.sbond3040; If someone like sabinus way just come out yesterday just aquire house now now as e harmmer..I wonder how agbalagba like broda shaggi for don blow reach…God bless skit makers❤️

In other news, a Nigerian woman who spent the last 15 years in Dubai has returned to her home country with nothing but good health and hopes of a better future.

She seemed to have been working under a madam who apparently took her abroad and she had to spend those years paying for her freedom.

Though she did not disclose the nature of work she was doing, the lady said she finally got the freedom to fly back to her motherland even though she was going empty-handed.

She shared a video which showed her carrying a box at the airport as she wished to also find a good husband once she is settled in Nigeria.

“After 15 years in Dubai paying madam, now I am going home with nothing but good health. Hope to get good husband in Nigeria,” she said.

Reacting, @SaintE_Benz said; Everyone talking about she coming back home, is it that you didn’t pay attention to the part where she said paying madam for 15 years….. Omo she was in dubai 15 years doing prostitution now she feels its best to come marry a Nigerian back home.

@winnways; She dey lie fat lie o, just looking for something to trend and she hinted blogs which fell for her gimmicks yakata…15 yrs with nothing, she try, even secondary school kids dey make am now 4 naija, na come who dey Dubai 4 15 yrs…na tory she dey find

@Spirit_barber; This is my 4th year in Libya, I thought I would make it after 6 month of leaving Nigeria, I never get account, talk less of say I wan put money inside, all am praying for now is to just come back home safely, because in Libya they kill we foreigners like chicken.