Internet fraudsters will be the poorest people in Nigeria in 10 years time – Soothsayer warns

A Nigerian life coach and soothsayer has warned young people against engaging in internet fraud commonly called Yahoo Yahoo.

In a video which has gone viral online, he predicted that yahoo boys will be the poorest people in Nigeria in the next 10 to 20 years.

He recounted a story his father told him about how they also had yahoo boys in the 80s who made money, built houses and enjoyed life but most of them lost it all, passed away or now have broken families.

The award-winning content creator said engaging in online fraud is not sustainable and anybody who wants to be rich should learn a skill.

He said the best way to attract money is for one to make themselves valuable and not just be concerned with chasing money through any means.

Watch him speak below:

onwamoon; I keep hearing this and I think some people say this to make themselves feel good. Look at what’s happening, open your eyes! A lot of hotels, real estate, politics, IT industries, car dealerships and a whole lot of businesses were built by former fraudsters. I’m not saying this to justify fraud but I’m saying be realistic! Most of your faves today with multi billion naira companies had a past fraudulent life! Anywhere you find yourself just work hard! I won’t start calling names but think! Dem dey use money wey dem save start real estate?

oganla081; Bruh ! See you never see anything… i remembered when I was still a minor then , I heard bout fraud but idk what’s all that bout ! Those big brother in my street have so much money then , but now ! They’re in a good situation and even most of them turn to car dealer selling cars and living good ! Nothing do them at all LOL 😆… they not even in Nigeria anymore… okay let say mompha is not a fraudster Abi ? Oya is he poor today ? !!! Better do anything to get your self out of poverty! Dey play…

ghostedya___; Karma is a lie it ain’t real, if karma was real the west that had the most colonial crime and invasion war crime in the whole world are still the top and leading countries and us the victims are still no where near them so where’s karma ? They lied to us wake up

a_fresh_1; You’re not Rich your father is not rich so who need your advice ..? Answer is nobody will take your advice , your type of people and your father don’t suppose to give such advice 😂 keep yarning dust mumu man 😂😂😂

official_yhungdangote; Dey play mugu…I knew one man wen I was young na fraud he use take care of him children he has 3houses like this and recently bought a filling station…..you wen be like who never chop dey advice person…..go ask watin kidwaya papa do b4 he get that kind money…. you think living in poverty or being poor makes u a good person… Live and enjoy your suffer …no carry your poor mentality come here…. open mouth wa like soakaway.