Innovative South African man creates WiFi enabled electric toothbrush

A South African man identified as Don Delwa has stunned social media users with his unusual yet innovative creation.

He built an improvised electronic toothbrush which is said to have WiFi capabilities and uses a remote control.

The 18-year-old man posed with a prototype of the toothbrush which was attacked to a TV antenna, hammer, receiver and wristwatch.

Netizens though marveled by Delwa’s innovation, wondered how the electric toothbrush will be used because it looked like it was built for other purposes.

Some asked for a demonstration of how it can be used.

@stormi_wake commented; Are you sure it’s only for brushing teeth

@AmonitionR4; lol how does it work… post video

@Ish_Izzo; Hammer is for removing stubborn teeth

@Collen_KM; Did you think of my reputation as a South African when you decided to tweet this? 😭 this is damaging to my reputation.

@khabo_black; We seriously need to protect this young man. We cannot continue to allow illegal foreigners to benefit from the geniusness of our pepol. Imagine them crossing crocodile infested rivers to come and use our wifi and toothbrushes for free. No maan.

In related news, CorrectNG reported that a Nigerian software engineer identified as Helen Ugoeze Okereke, has designed a smart bulb that functions automatically.

She programmed the electric bulb to come on with the aid of human control by way of clapping her hand instead of standing up to turn a switch on.

The lady shared a video demonstrating how it works and she revealed that no other sound can turn it on except a hand clap.

Helen said she had to specifically programme it to respond to only her clap and no other noise or sound no matter how loud they are. She admitted that it was not an easy task to make sure the code differentiates the sounds.

In the video, the developer hit the table which the bulb was placed on to see if it will automatically turn on the bulb but that did not happen.

When she clapped her hand once, the smart bulb immediately showed bright light. She had to clap her hand twice to turn it off.

Taking to her Twitter page to show off her innovation, Helen wrote; ”Building a smart bulb that is controlled with a clap. The bulb turn on automatically when you clap and off when you double clap.”