Innoson gives epic reply as man tries to use retweets to win multi-million-naira vehicle

Innoson Vehicles Manufacturing, has shown that it can be embrace the use of modern trends to become engaging and interactive on social media.

This comes as a man on Twitter tried to use retweets to win a newly unveiled truck, Innoson Ijele, which costs millions of Naira.

The auto company shared an image of the truck on its official page nd advertised it to potential buyers.

“Ride in unparalleled style and command the roads like a true Idan with Innoson Vehicles’ powerful Ijele truck.”

A young man @gboyeezy decided to try his luck by asking how many retweets he needs to get for Innoson to five him the multimillion naira truck.

He quoted the post and asked; “How many RTs?”

In response, Innoson gave an epic reply using a meme and a popular slang ‘Idan’ being frequently used by netizens to troll the hopeful man.

It shared the photo of an African actor and wrote; “Is that Idan trying to use RT to win Innoson Ijele?”

See the exchange below: